Jan 7, 2013

3RIDE BROS showreel

This is a creative compilation of the mainstream work we did as 3RIDEBROS mostly in 2011/2012.
But for some of us it is something more, a collection of unforgettable moments with our friends.

Edited by Tomasz Krzysztofik

Mar 28, 2012

Saturday test riding

We gathered one saturday to test the new ramps . Giannis , Vasilis , Stauros , Kamil , Tomasz and a few new guys . We spent incredible fuuuunn time ... 

Joy this short edit ;)

Stauros on big double

Giannis , Kamil

Jan 11, 2012

Riding Magic Place

Trail on the slopes of the mountains Dirfys ( Island Evia , Greece ) . Where they are often organized so-called "Dirfys Riding Dayz" . Beginning of winter and the beauty of nature .

Dec 16, 2011

Terrorist Park Event

 FMX , BMX , MTB event which took palce last summer ( Levadia , Greece ) . It was attended by many riders from greece . Showed a wonderful and exciting ride . An attempt was made , backfilp on motocros by Nontas Logothetis and double backflip on mtb by our Kamil Krzysztofik for first time in Greece . 

Dec 12, 2011

Schimatari Dirt Park BBQ - photo video short preview

Still under construction , but already enjoys !

Amazing jumps section for every dirt jumper . 

Dec 2, 2011

DAMARIA rusty cage

There is nothing to write much here . Quiet day in our favorite place to ride .
Rafael had a desire to engage in free riding and Tomasz recorded it .
Greetings to Janis , Loenidas , Melios , Bilis who care about this place .
Enjoy .

Jul 18, 2011

Terrorist Park - trailer

Terrorist Park - trailer from Tomasz Krzysztofik | 3RIDEBROS on Vimeo.
Freestyle motocros and BMX event .

Camera , edit , grading ; Tomasz Krzysztofik

Livadia , Greece 2011